On Friday April 20th 2012 myself, my husband Alan, along with friends Richard and Peter had arranged to visit the Banyan Retreat to sit in a seance in support of Kai Muegge.  Other sitters known to us would be there.  Rachael, Pat and Su being amongst these.

The Banyan Retreat is lovely.  Our welcome was warm and it was really good to meet Kai, whose work I have admired for quite some time.  Kai is scientifically minded and keen to enable evidence of survival to be validated and recorded.  Therefore we understood that this was the purpose and intent of Kai's work and of this seance.

Soon after arrival we were shown to a light bright room, where Kai explained the FEG's work and the seance proceedings for the evening, before we then submitted ourselves to the customary search precautions and finally moved into the seance room.  Note: Kai's assistants were searched before joining us.  We understand also that Kai himself was stripped and searched before two witnesses immediately prior to his entering the seance room.

Independent sitters, Richard was one of these, examined items within the room prior to the seance.

The seance was held in blackout conditions but some of the phenomena was shown in clear red light and seen by all those present.  Kai, when physical phenomena was actually being effected, was restrained by his hands and legs in his chair by the two assistants.

During the seance some of the sitters reported being touched by compacted energy forms.  I was personally not touched.  Richard, seated beside me, was touched once.

Loud knocking was heard many times, repeatedly, on the ceiling and walls around  the room.

Bright spirit lights, one, two, three, were seen floating around the middle of the circle.  These were bright and clearly seen by everyone present.  They appeared to me to be about the size of a golf ball.  They would glow bright, before disappearing and then re-appearing.  Sometimes they moved with speed and at other times as if hovering or floating.

Toys, as typically provided within Physical seances had been provided by Kai in advance...these had been placed on the floor in the centre of the circle.  Quite early in the seance these items became moved and sounds appearing related to this movement and others seemingly related to vibrations (rather like small animal feet walking on the floor) were felt. 

The luminous plaque was laid upon the floor and dark shapes as of energy or of spirit hands were seen to cover and then move from the surface of this.

Always, Kai was restrained by two assistence when Physical phenomena was effected.  Always too, the voice of Kai's spirit control Hans Bender could be heard emanating from the cabinet area, when this described phenomena was being evidenced elsewhere in the room.

Two sitters received evidential messages, through Hans Bender, from friends or relatives.  Peter, who came to the seance with me, was one of these.  Peter will write his own report of this experience.

The highlight of the seance, for me, came when Hans Bender controlled the demonstration of what appeared to be physical fibrous matter.  I have seen ectoplasm many times, but did not recognise the substance I saw within this seance...it was voluminous and massive.  It stretched and was attached to the walls and the roof of the cabinet.  It was dense, but also finely textured.  When formed it could be stretched and manipulated by Kai.  Within Kai's hands (shown to be empty immediately before this demonstration) the fibrous matter was pulled, stretched, torn and manipulated.  Before my eyes, gradually there appeared within the fibrous mass a more dense object that finally dropped through into the hands of Kai's assistant.  This was seen by everyone present.

This apport appeared, when held, to be a large Carnelian gemstone within which, on one side, there appeared to be four small 'footprints'...appearing rather like the pads of a kittens paw.  These are within the stone, which is otherwise of uniform colouring.

This apport was, upon the guidance of Hans Bender, presented and gifted to me.  At this point, due to my receiving this precious gift and the offered words accompanying it, I felt emotionally overwhelmed.

The seance drew to a close.

I would like to sincerely thank Kai, his partner Julia and everyone at the Banyan Retreat for making this event so special.

I would like to thank all spirit teams everywhere, for working with us and for enabling such phenomena and evidence of survival to become demonstrated.

Finally I would like to extend credit to all those that dedicate themselves to Physical mediumship. The apport I hold has been gifted to me, but the gift belongs to everyone.

Chris Di Nucci